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Our Social Media Marketing Services

Avail the best service that suits your Business.


Facebook Advertising 

One of the top social media channels is Facebook. It has various advertising campaign formats varying from single image ads to videos. Capture the attention of relevant audience while they socialize on this channel.


Instagram Advertising

Instagram is an extremely popular channel to advertise on if your target the younger generation. You can engage and have your users click on your ads by putting out attractive ads. Grow more followers on Instagram and create brand loyalty.


Pinterest Advertising

This is again another image-sharing advertising platform. Get more visibility for your products and business on this popular platform. You can target relevant customers based on their interest and liking on this platform.


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a platform where professionals come to build connections.  You can reach high-ticket clients with LinkedIn’s various advertising formats. Achieve all business goals through LinkedIn advertising like branding, leads, and conversions.


Twitter Advertising

Twitter can make your brand go viral. Get instant connections with your customers using Twitter’s advertising platform. Advertising on Twitter enables you to promote individual tweets or entire campaigns dedicated to specific objectives.


Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat is a social media channel that can be used effectively to advertise. Establish your brand in the eyes of your customers and achieve your business goals. Snapchat has made it easier and more affordable for brands to advertise.


YouTube Optimisation

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. YouTube involves optimizing your channel, playlists, meta data, description, and the videos themselves. You can optimize your videos both within and outside of YouTube.


Quora Marketing

To develop your visibility and brand authority, answering to questions people from your niche are asking is a great strategy. Quora is a great place to share your knowledge on any subject, learn about a topic and develop your brand authority.

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Social Media Marketing Process

We provide strategic Social Media Plans based on the type of business and the relevant targeted audience.

Having a compelling social media presence can prove to be game changer for any businesses. Attract, engage, and connect with you audience with focused social media strategies.

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The Outcome of Our Social Media Marketing Services

Start getting higher visibility, instant traffic to your landing pages, leads, and conversions
from well-optimized Google Ads campaigns. Save on Ad spend and get better ROI and improve profitability.


Increased Brand Awareness and Visibility

Enhanced brand visibility on social media channels through captivating ads. Make your posts go viral to get more eyeballs through Social Media Marketing.


More Reach

Reach unique customers with social media marketing. Grab their attention and make them loyal customers with social media advertising.


Greater Website Traffic

You can drive traffic to your website from your social channels at a low cost. Social signals can help push the rank of your website up on SERP.


Meet all business goals

Social media advertising can help you get brand awareness, leads, conversions, and profits.


Generate More leads

Our team of Google Ads experts are constantly updating themselves about the recent changes and trends in the industry. Therefore, we implement the latest strategies while creating the campaigns and targeting the audience.


Tap New Audience

Google Ads is proven to be one of the most effective advertising networks to drive more traffic to one’s business and thereby increase the number of sales. The key to increasing sales with Google Ads lies in testing and optimization


Increase ROI

PPC Marketing allows advertisers to target industry specific audience in order to eliminate irrelevant leads. This results in the increase of potential customers. Get better results from your paid campaigns to increase the ROI.


Better Return On Ad Spend

SMM can help get better return on investment.

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Why Choose Us?

Your ad campaigns need to be in sync with your marketing goals, and we know this.
Our team of experts has in-depth expertise in running Google Ads and we can do this for you.

  • We are experts in creating goal-centric and creative ad campaigns
  • Team of specialists in social media advertising and marketing
  • 10+ Years Experienced Professionals
  • We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and changes in social media platforms on a real-time basis
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed or complete refund
  • We provide 24/7 Support to our clients



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Our Clients

Who can tell you about our performance than our esteemed clients.
Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

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Social Media Marketing and Its Importance

Reaching the top of the search engine results page is now possible instantly with ads
that are clickable and connect with your customers. Make optimum use of your advertising budget with keyword-optimized ad campaigns.

SMM or Social Media Marketing is one of the dynamic forms of online marketing. Social media which was once treated as a channel where users could share, interact, and engage with their social contacts has captured the attention of businesses everywhere. Social media marketing encompasses creating and posting text, image, videos, etc., on social media channels to drive user engagement. 

Various social media channels have dedicated advertising platforms where it is possible to create engaging and captivating ads to achieve goals like brand awareness, traffic, leads, and conversions and so on.  Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., have revolutionized the way businesses can attract customers to their products or services economically. Detailed targeting of customers and remarketing are powerful features of these channels that business can use to achieve traction.

When used properly, SMM can be a game-changer.

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Our Reviews By Experts

Mr. Yogesh has in-depth knowledge and expertise in Digital marketing training under him has been a great experience. His commitment and energy drive Digital Academy 360 to be the top digital marketing academy. the training he gives with real-time examples of his experience is very useful. Support from Mr. Yogesh even after the course has been great. Thank you and All the best!

_Goutham Reddy,

Yogesh Shashi Sir is my influencer and Mentor in my Digital Marketing Journey He has taught me enormous amount about marketing in digital space from various angles. His Experience,Knowledge and Approach in Digital Marketing field are simply top notch!. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time he has left me without a solution. Yogesh Sir possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from him. I have been most impressed by his work and I would Highly recommend Yogesh Sir to help you make a big impact in Digital Marketing.

_Akhil Kumar,

Front-end Developer
I am favored to compose a little token about Mr. Yogesh Shahi. I can say he is a standout amongst other individuals regarding devotion, vitality, intrigue and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Yogesh is a great mentor with strong communication skills and flexible organization skills. whatever he instructed me I will always remember. He is an exceptionally kind-hearted individual. His expertise in Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM , Adwords and many more) is excellent.I wish him good luck.

_Ekata Jaiswal,

Mr. Yogesh Shashi, Digital Marketing Expert and a brilliant mentor who shares his vast knowledge of digital marketing wholeheartedly and with huge amount of patience. He has got perfect training skills, which make you understand each and every module to its depth, with help of practical examples. He is a very down-to-earth, humble person with great achievements in a very young age. Kudos and a huge respect for that. I feel very fortunate to join Digital Academy 360 and being guided by him. Looking forward to learn a lot from you sir. I wish you all the luck in the world.


Art director
Yogesh Shashi is my mentor for Digital Marketing. He is highly skilled in Analytics and all Modules of Digital Marketing. He is a great Trainer and I am on my way to achieve my desired goal. All aspirants with a goal of learning new strategies to grow their business or looking career change can join Digital Academy 360 and be privileged to learn different modules in Digital Marketing and achieve their career goals.

_Vani Srinivas,


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Social Media Marketing FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.
Get your doubts cleared about Social Media Marketing in our FAQ section. Reach out to us for any further queries.

Social Media Marketing

What are the business goals that can be achieved through social media advertising?

You can achieve all business goals like brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, leads and conversions with SMM.

Can you give me the exact figure of how much followers or traffic I can get?

We can only give an approximation. The exact figure is based on many factors and we will try our best to give you the maximum possible outcomes.

Is there a time frame for these SMM contracts?

We start off with a 3 to 6 month contract and then extend it. This is as per the discussion with the client and achievement of marketing goals.

Do you regularly monitor the campaigns?

Yes, we strictly monitor the campaigns to ensure that they are optimized and the campaigns are giving us the required results. If not, we adjust and fine-tune the campaigns to ensure that all low performing ads are suspended and money diverted to well performing ads. We also make use of A/B testing to find the best ads.

Do we have to provide the content for an SMM campaign?

You need not provide us the content, we have in-house designers and SMM experts who will do the needful.

When can we begin with SMM?

We can start with your campaigns immediately after the contract is signed. If you have no profiles on social media channels, we have to create and optimize your profiles before we can start with paid advertising.

How long does it take to rank for a particular keyword on Google first page?

Ranking a particular keyword depends on a lot of factors, such as competition, relevancy user’s search terms, generic or specific to business and many more. We suggest you choose more specific keywords if your business targets a limited audience so that it will be easy to rank on Google’s first page when a similar search query is made.