Top 10 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chennai

Yogesh Shashi
top 10 digital marketing training institutes in chennai

1. Digital Scholar Year Founded: 2019 Founder Name: Sorav Jain About the Institutes :  Digital Scholar started in Chennai in 2019 as an extension of echo me (Social Media  & …

Top 20 Keyword Types a Digital Marketer Should Know

Yogesh Shashi

  It’s said that “The Life of a Digital Marketers in the Hands of Google!” Many digital marketers relate to that, and many still think they can play around the …

Top 10 Online Reputation Management Tools

Yogesh Shashi

  ORM or Online Reputation Management has become very valid over time in Digital Marketing. What people talk about your business online, matters a lot to your brand as you …

Top 5 benefits of advertising on Facebook

Yogesh Shashi

While most of the social media platforms now have their own fully integrated advertising system, Facebook still reigns in terms of features, insights, and audience. As a business, this means …