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Our SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO strategies can get your brand visibility in front of the right audience.
Get quality leads and conversions for consistent long-term growth and profitability.


Local SEO

Optimize your online visibility to attract more customers from relevant local searches. This will help people locate you and also visit your brick-and-motor location.


National SEO

National SEO focuses on ranking for broad keyword terms rather than ranking for specific geographical terms. It is useful for businesses wanting to rank nationally.


International SEO

Optimize your website for the global audience so that search engines can identify the countries you want to target and the languages you use for business.


Mobile SEO

Optimize your website for search engine queries originating from mobile devices. This enables your website to rank higher for mobile searches.


Technical SEO

Develop and optimize your website according to the latest SEO standards. Let search engines access, crawl, interpret, and index your website with ease.


Content Marketing SEO

Create a strategic marketing approach to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience & drive customer action.


Blog SEO

Boost your SEO quality and build authority by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customer’s questions with the help of blog posts.


E-commerce SEO

Improve your online store visibility on the search engine result pages. When people search for products that you sell, we ensure you rank high to get more traffic.

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Our SEO Process

Now, you must be wondering, “How all these strategies work?”
“How can I decide which technique best suits my business?”

We are here to your rescue. Our team works in a methodical manner to create effective SEO strategies for any business. You must remember that no business gets fruitful results overnight. SEO is a long-term procedure, and we strive to yield long-term results rather than short-term profits.

SEO Process

SEO Process

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Outcome Of Our SEO Service

Businesses get the benefit of improved brand awareness,
higher ranking on SERPs, increased traffic, greater sales, profitability, and ROI organically.


Build Trust

The goal of any business is to satisfy its customers’ needs. When a business provides a satisfactory solution to its customers’ problems in the form of its products and/or services, it builds trust and loyal customer base


Boost Your Branding

While having a regular set of customers is important for a business, reaching new and unique audiences is even more important. Increased visibility on search engines and customer loyalty helps build your brand


Rank on 1st Page of SERP

By now you must have realized the necessity of being on the top position of the first page of Google search results. Our SEO services aim for your business to not only be on the first page but also ace the first position on the first page


Increase Website Traffic

We implement the latest SEO strategies to boost your website’s SERP ranking. Our team adheres to accepted white hat practices to ensure your website outranks your competitors. This will in turn drive greater and relevant traffic


Generate Leads Organically

The specialty of SEO is that it doesn’t involve a significant amount of money. Follow some technical strategies, do branding activities, get links, and generate potential leads for your business


Improve Sales & Services

An increase in the number of leads and sales will eventually result in better ROI. As mentioned earlier, SEO functions organically, so with less investment, you can do more with SEO


Increase Your ROI

An increase in the number of sales will eventually result in better ROI. As mentioned earlier, SEO functions organically. So with lesser investment, you can do more with SEO


Monthly Reporting

We understand how important it is to build trust with our clients. To ensure complete transparency and good communication, we believe in monthly reporting and feedback from clients

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Why Choose Us?

Promising and delivering are two different things when it comes to SEO.
We deliver more than promised every time, so let us take care of your SEO worries

  • 10+ Years Experienced SEO Professionals
  • We Follow Only White Hat SEO Techniques
  • We Create Effective & Long Term SEO Strategies
  • We Work on Targets and Deadlines
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Regular Communication and Reporting



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Our Clients

Our clients are our best advocates.
Hear what they have to say about our services

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SEO & It's Importance

Improve your brand visibility and recall on search engines and compel
your customers to reach out to you for solutions to their problems

Take any industry, and you will see thousands of companies competing against one another. In light of this, it becomes essential that your business stands out and be unique. Your competitors are also implementing a lot of techniques to grow their business and to be in the top position. A top ranking on search results becomes a deciding factor between a business that is thriving and one that is bankrupt.

This is where SEO comes into the picture. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a set of techniques that help in reaching the right audience who are specifically searching for your products/services. This ultimately converts prospects into your customers. But relax, we are here to help you implement all the latest SEO strategies to help your business grow by increasing your brand visibility on search results. We have a team of SEO Specialists with about 10+ years of experience in the industry who have helped many clients with their businesses and paved their path to success.

SEO is an ongoing and long-term process but the results are sustaining. Optimize to drive traffic, create an awesome user experience, build brand loyalty, establish authority and much more with our customized SEO strategies for your business. Reach out to us to know how we can help you with SEO for your business.

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Our Reviews By Experts

Mr. Yogesh has in-depth knowledge and expertise in Digital marketing training under him has been a great experience. His commitment and energy drive Digital Academy 360 to be the top digital marketing academy. the training he gives with real-time examples of his experience is very useful. Support from Mr. Yogesh even after the course has been great. Thank you and All the best!

_Goutham Reddy,

Yogesh Shashi Sir is my influencer and Mentor in my Digital Marketing Journey He has taught me enormous amount about marketing in digital space from various angles. His Experience,Knowledge and Approach in Digital Marketing field are simply top notch!. Whenever I had a problem, there has never been a time he has left me without a solution. Yogesh Sir possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from him. I have been most impressed by his work and I would Highly recommend Yogesh Sir to help you make a big impact in Digital Marketing.

_Akhil Kumar,

Front-end Developer
I am favored to compose a little token about Mr. Yogesh Shahi. I can say he is a standout amongst other individuals regarding devotion, vitality, intrigue and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. Yogesh is a great mentor with strong communication skills and flexible organization skills. whatever he instructed me I will always remember. He is an exceptionally kind-hearted individual. His expertise in Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM , Adwords and many more) is excellent.I wish him good luck.

_Ekata Jaiswal,

Mr. Yogesh Shashi, Digital Marketing Expert and a brilliant mentor who shares his vast knowledge of digital marketing wholeheartedly and with huge amount of patience. He has got perfect training skills, which make you understand each and every module to its depth, with help of practical examples. He is a very down-to-earth, humble person with great achievements in a very young age. Kudos and a huge respect for that. I feel very fortunate to join Digital Academy 360 and being guided by him. Looking forward to learn a lot from you sir. I wish you all the luck in the world.


Art director
Yogesh Shashi is my mentor for Digital Marketing. He is highly skilled in Analytics and all Modules of Digital Marketing. He is a great Trainer and I am on my way to achieve my desired goal. All aspirants with a goal of learning new strategies to grow their business or looking career change can join Digital Academy 360 and be privileged to learn different modules in Digital Marketing and achieve their career goals.

_Vani Srinivas,


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Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers.
Still have some doubts, get in contact with us for further clarification

What is Organic Result Vs Paid Result?

Organic search results are based on unpaid, natural rankings determined by search engine algorithms, and can be optimized with various SEO practices. In contrast, Paid search results allow you to have your website displayed on the search engine results page when someone types in specific keywords or phrases.

Can I choose SEO services for small businesses?

SEO is an important tool for every business to compete online regardless of size, religion or language. Although SEO takes a lot of time, it’s not hard to implement if you do it right. SEO is less expensive to invest in, attracts more customers, helps you promote your brand, and help your business to grow faster than any other technique.

Can you do local SEO optimization?

Yes, we do provide local SEO optimization services. Searches of products and services are incredibly geocentric and people tend to buy products and services from the companies that exist close to them. Hence local SEO plays a major role in getting a higher rank on Google Search page and increase organic traffic. Our team makes sure to provide the top-notch local SEO strategies to achieve the same.

How relevant are the leads or conversion I will get?

We have an expert team to implement various strategies like in-depth keyword research, content marketing, remarketing to reach the relevant audience and optimize the conversion rate, filter irrelevant leads and provide you with the maximum number of potential leads.

Do I get SEO reports?

Yes, we do provide monthly reports on all the SEO strategies we implement in your business. Our team will also help you understand the procedures it involves so that you will be aware of it all.

Can I stop doing SEO after my website has reached the top ranks?

Yes, we do provide monthly reports on all the SEO strategies we implement in your business. Our team will also help you understand the procedures it involves so that you will be aware of it all.

How long does it take to rank for a particular keyword on Google first page?

Ranking a particular keyword depends on a lot of factors, such as competition, relevancy user’s search terms, generic or specific to business and many more. We suggest you choose more specific keywords if your business targets a limited audience so that it will be easy to rank on Google’s first page when a similar search query is made.